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See our policies on canceling or modifying individual coaching agreements.

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*Interested in Team or Group Coaching? Coaching Groups are being formed now for these specialties. Individual coaching is also available. Contact us!

Perhaps you're looking for coaching on something else? Sign up below for a free 60-minute Exploratory Intro Session or One-on-One Coaching (paid) and in that session we will confer with you on your needs, goals, and expectations.

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Are you successful, but unhappy?

We work with a lot of people who appear to be wildly successful to their friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors - but who are unhappy in their careers, relationships, or lifestyles - or some combination of those things. We work with our coaching clients to bring all of those things into balance so that their successes are reflected beyond perceptions, and actually result in happier and more fulfilling lives across all those important domains.

Are you happy, but unsuccessful?

Success is very personal. Only you truly know what success looks and feels like for you. Sometimes we feel exceedingly happy and successful in one area of our lives, and disappointed and lacking in another. Using the Co-Active Coaching® approach, we venture into those areas of your life that you want to work on making better.  You decide your direction. You're the captain.

If you've never had a coach before, or had a poor coaching experience in the past, we are happy to offer you a free initial coaching conversation. There's nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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Cancellations and Coaching Agreement Modifications

If you would like to cancel your individual coaching agreement, please email your coach your request to terminate your next month's bookings at least 5 business days prior to an invoice period and you will not be billed for that month.  We do not refund monthly fees when coaching has already occurred for that invoice period, but we will terminate the next cycle's billing on your account, upon your written request.

As an example, if you get through your scheduled coaching sessions in May and decide at the end of that period you do not want to continue with individual coaching, please let your coach know via email at least 5 days before your first paid session that you will not be attending your sessions in June, and you will not be invoiced for June. If, however, you attend 1 session in June but choose not to attend another June session and want to cancel your coaching agreement, you will not be invoiced for July, but you will not be reimbursed for unused June sessions, should you decide not to attend them.  

Group membership and individual coaching sessions and  fees are non-transferable to another individual.  However, if you decide you'd prefer to join a group rather than continue individual sessions or you want to change your Epsilon Coach, we are happy to transfer the remaining amount on your account to one of those options.

Thank you for being a part of our Epsilon Coaching community!

Coaching Cancellations
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