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Women in Business Coaching Group


The Women in Business Coaching Group was designed for women actively working in leadership positions - whether at  companies or as entrepreneurs, who would like to connect with and learn from other working women facing similar career and lifestyle challenges, opportunities, and decisions. 

This group is led and moderated by Coach Kathleen twice a week on separate days and times to make it easier to fit group coaching into your schedule (we know you're busy!). Group membership requires approval. Once you've been added to the Women in Business Coaching Group, you can sign up for coaching sessions that it your schedule. 

To apply for membership to this and other groups, please go HERE.


The Women in Business Coaching Group provides open, honest, non-judgmental, and respectful opportunities for business women to discuss our career dreams and disruptions, share applicable success and problem-solving strategies, support each other towards individual success and satisfaction, and create support and resource systems that empower and motivate each other.


Coach Kathleen poses a question or scenario each session for the group to consider and discuss. Once groups get to know each other, and everyone is comfortable sharing their stories, group discussion topics begin to address specific issues, questions, and ideas posed by members of the group. This makes the topics more personalized to the needs of each group. Group members may attend as many group sessions as desired. Once a Coaching Group fills up, no new members will be able to join until someone leaves the group or another group is launched.


Coach Kathleen provides individual coaching for one-on-one, highly personalized coaching sessions that focus only on you - and weekly "office hours" sessions hosted through the Mighty Networks platform. Once you pay the fee to attend a Women in Business Group Coaching session, you will automatically receive access to Epsilon Coaching Groups & Masterminds on Mighty Networks, where you can register for upcoming sessions, join fellow member chats, discover resources and tools, and sign up for free Office Hours coaching time (limited to 15 mins per person, per month).

Have additional questions or want to inquire about forming a private Coaching Group for just your employees, colleagues and/or peers? Please contact us!



All Epsilon Coaching, individual privacy is very important to us. When you join an Epsilon Coaching Group, you agree to respect and uphold the privacy of other members in your group(s). Group Coaching members are required to agree to our Terms and Conditions. Any members who violate group membership Terms and Conditions are subject to removal from the group by the Epsilon Coach hosting the group. Group Coaching members who establish relationships with other members in their group that fall outside of group meetings, such as through text, email and other communications between members, must still abide by our Terms and Conditions. In other words, you are not permitted to reveal anything you learn from another group member outside the group with the Coaching Group. We share only our own stories and respect each others' rights to privacy. What happens or is said in an Epsilon Coaching Group STAYS in that group and is not to be shared outside of our group.

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