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What Coaching Format is Best for You?

Our Programs

Are you seeking individual coaching to elevate your career or help you succeed in business?

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur who appreciates the gifts and copes with the challenges of ADHD/ADD, but you could use some help managing the tasks that will help you achieve your goals.

Maybe you're a nonprofit leader trying to figure out how to do it all - or a woman in business who would really benefit from group coaching with other professional women jumping similar professional and personal hurdles.

Epsilon Coaching offers several formats and focuses to meet your needs, expectations, and big ideas! Scroll to learn more about our programs. If you don't see what you need, contact us.


One-on-One coaching to address areas of your life, such as career and personal goals, with the Epsilon coach you choose.


We meet via video conference or phone call for an hour once a week or twice a month - depending on your needs and preferences and your coach's availability.* 

To ensure that you get the days and times you prefer, we recommend signing up for three to six month coaching packages. That will also save on fees. You can always add more months and schedule your sessions in advance. So start where you're most comfortable.


Get a FREE 60-min Exploratory Intro Session!

*Current clients receive scheduling preference.

Each Epsilon coach specializes in several focus areas for which they have personal experience. For example, Brett Greene specializes in working with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and tech founders who manage ADD/ADHD and introversion because Brett is also a successful entrepreneur who manages ADD and introversion.

Kathleen May has significant experience as a nonprofit executive, fundraiser, and board member. She is also an entrepreneur and has advised many entrepreneurs and creatives launching new businesses and creative works. 

All you need to do is sign up for a free 60-minute Exploratory Intro Session with the coach you prefer and see if they're a good fit for your needs and expectations.


Ask about Group Coaching on Specialty focuses if you enjoy joining supportive group sessions.


Whether you manage a team of employees, a team of partners, or a team of co-workers, sometimes communication systems break down and no one person, not even the manager, can change behaviors. You may even recognize that you're the 'problem.' This could be because you're new to the role, department, or company - or there has been a structural change that impacted your team.


Whatever the reason, we're not here to cast blame. We're here to empower you and your team to work successfully together through honest and open communications, identifying core issues, and problem-solving through them. Effective Team Coaching helps managers establish their leadership roles and gain the trust and respect of their teams.

If you're interested in connecting with our coaches about Team Coaching, please CONTACT US HERE.


Sometimes it's preferable to talk through the issues we face with a group of people facing similar issues. 

We find that some people really benefit from group interactions because of the helpful and supportive feedback they receive from others in the group. Of course, we respect anyone who prefers one-on-one coaching - and we offer that too.

We limit Group Coaching sessions to 10 people per session. Group sessions generally run an hour, but may include longer, breakthrough sessions.


Group Coaching sessions are priced lower than Individual Coaching and we do offer a sliding scale for anyone facing economic hardship. 

We schedule Group Coaching for:

Learn about new Group Coaching sessions in our monthly ACTIVATE! newsletter and on our Booking page.

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